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Organizations dedicated to helping others need help themselves. Improving longevity, deepening engagement, and maximizing impact to those in need means a strong bottom line is essential.

Maintenance of legacy data centers can absorb huge amounts of budgets already stretched paper-thin. Efficient resource usage is key to taking full advantage of every dollar raised. Our numerous non-profit clients count on us to reduce cost by providing an alternative to expensive servers, software licensing, and all the power and square footage needed to drive a complex network, as well as virtually bring together dispersed teams spread out across the country.

FilesAnywhere business solutions put integration, data consistency, and security affordably into your hands. Control document distribution and accessibility with user provisioning and guest links that include additional privacy rules. Automated backups and daily snapshots ensure that you never worry about loss of productivity or data. FilesAnywhere offers the intrinsic business continuity of the cloud. Volunteers, staff, and supporters need nothing more than a mobile device and Internet connection to join in the cause. And when freed from the constraints of network management, your dedicated teams can pool their talents where they belong—into your philanthropic efforts delivering programs and services in new and innovative ways.